Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Garlicy Kind of Day

a little of the preserved garlic spread made an appearance at B's birthday dinner last night :)

Since it was going to be close to 90 degrees yesterday, we decided to give the tomatoes that are oh so close one more day on the vine.  So what should we do?  Working on getting our masses of garlic preserved seemed to be a good place to start.  A week or so ago we ordered an egg incubator so that we could try a batch of black garlic.  B filled it last night and by bed time we were confident that the temperature was regulating appropriately and we put it out on the porch.  Today the porch has the subtle smell of garlic wafting in the breeze.

I was messaged by the local grocery looking for more garlic (that was 60 heads that they sold in just shy of 3 weeks!)  I had another 35 heads that we dropped off today.

We peeled about 4 lbs worth of cloves and canned 6 half pints of preserved garlic.  Oh my goodness, this is the most decadent, spreadable, tasty stuff in the whole world, and I am tempted to use every last bit of our garlic to just make this!  We got the recipe from Hunter, Angler, Gardner, Cook site.  B does a lot of research on different things around the farm and time and time again, regardless of what he is looking for, this site pops up, and the advise thus far has been great!  As you can see the theme of the day was garlic, today....tomatoes!

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