Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sous Vide

Over the last year B has immersed himself in researching a method of cooking called Sous Vide.  The more he researched, the more enthusiastic he became and the less subtle the hints came as Christmas was approaching ;)

It is quite a phenomenal form of cooking and we now find that we want to try it when preparing every meal!  We are using an immersion wand that goes into your cooking pot filled with water (up to 6 quarts).  You simply set the device to what you want the internal temperature of your finished dish and turn it on.  The wand continuously heats and circulates the water and is exceptionally quiet.

You then vacuum seal (or airtight seal in a zip lock) whatever protein that you would like to cook with any spices you would like to add to it.  Then depending on the size and type of protein let it cook.  For steaks or pork chops a couple to a few hours, we have done duck eggs and fish for about an hour each.  B did a whole prime rib on Christmas day and it went for 12 hours.  You cannot overcook as the temperature is set.  So for a prime rib that we wanted medium rare it was that from end to end with no burnt ends.

Once it comes out if you a looking for a char on you meat you can quickly sear in a fry pan or on the grill.  The best parts?  It takes up zero stove top or oven space as the pot can simply sit on your counter, which frees up other cooking surfaces. Perhaps even better, the total clean up is dumping the water and tossing the bag!

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