Sunday, December 14, 2014

Strictly for Medicinal Purposes

After two days of nothing but coughs, fevers, and restless sleep, I had confirmed what I already knew, as soon as the swab hit the rapid test, Sidney immediately tested positive for influenza.  Through deduction, as they came down with the same symptoms on the same day, B too has the dreaded virus.  

I spent yesterday nesting, doing laundry, diffusing essential oils, rubbing the weary with them, and hoping to be giving some ease.  So what does one do on day two when your mind is swimming with ways to  keep half of your family comfortable,  while trying desperately to make sure that Charles or myself do not get it?

I am in need of teacher gifts as well as distraction, so what better way to spend the wee morning hours than surfing pinterest?    I found this link that lead me to the idea of making these simple and fragrant ornaments.  Why not fill the house with the smells of cinnamon and holiday, by busying my hands with cinnamon dough ornaments.

They have just two ingredients, a long time in the oven, and viola, they are done!  The above recipe worked very well, but I would suggest coating your rolling surface with more cinnamon (as you would flour typically), it will save you much aggravation!

A skewer worked perfectly well to make the hole for threading string, be sure that you move it back and forth a bit to make sure the hole goes straight through.  I used a braided thread and had a few that had closed a little in back during baking which made threading difficult on some of them.

It was a simple craft, and made the house smell wonderful!  Oh, and I also made almost 100 meatballs to freeze from the Seriously Delish cookbook.  Let me tell you, they are a family favorite, and the perfect thing to batch freeze and add to a quick weeknight meal.

As I mentioned, I am somewhat obsessed with Outlander right now, so in true Scottish fashion, I am having a sip, strictly for medicinal purposes!


  1. I am making those ornaments with my 2nd grade class tomorrow. They are always a hit. Sorry to hear your young ones are on the outs. It hit here a couple of weeks ago, but only the son caught it.

  2. Scotch will kill many a nasty. Keep at it.



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