Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stolen Moments

I have decided that slowing down is just a figure of speech.   I have always envisioned that slowing down means reducing the calendar commitments for more idle time, but really it is more about how you view the calendar and use the time in between.  So many times the calendar can be seen as something overwhelming, the days looking so full there is little time for breath.  But really thinking about it, even if there are multiple commitments, the trick is not letting the prospect of what is next up take your breath away.  It is more about how your utilize those spare moments in between.  As I went home the other day, a route that I drive multiple times daily, I passed this tree.  I thought, oh I should take a picture of it before the leaves all drop.  Yesterday, I stopped and I did.  Slowing down is more about stolen moments consciously taken to do something that would otherwise just be a fleeting thought.

Speaking of stolen moments, they can also be the conscious effort to do something.  I am so excited to meet a couple of blogging friends this week!  I am sneaking out of town to spend 48 hours in Pennsylvania and another 36 hours in New York, the ultimate girls weekend with a couple of girls that I have 'virtually' known for many years.  I am so thankful that B will be taking over the kiddos commitments so that I can make this trip!

Happy Sunday, spend some stolen moments enjoying the fall colors that are appearing brilliantly around us!


  1. Stolen moments. I like that. Because in our busy lives, it seems as though we did have to borrow the time from something else to make it happen. I think of it as "me" time or active meditation. Over the years, I've found it absolutely necessary to do this to add balance to the rest of the day. Photography has taught us to notice the details (like you did with the leaves on this tree, the line of the fence, the colors peaking ~ an awareness that this moment is but brief). I, too, am looking forward to our whirlwind visit! For years we have shared stories and photos through our computers and now we get to do that face to face. We'll get to hear each others' voices and laughter; to see "perspective" live with a nod of a head and a glint in an eye. There will be surprises, but I'm also convinced there will be moments that will feel like old memories coming to life. We've shared so much over the years ~ it will be wonderful to make some new memories together in person...

  2. I relate so well to your words on time and slowing down.
    I'm all for stopping to capture the moments in between. Beautiful photo.
    And good for you on your out of town adventure! Sounds very exciting! Enjoy. :)



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