Thursday, September 11, 2014

#tbt 9/11/2001

#tbt 9/11/2001

This photo was taken on 9/10/2001, perhaps a day when the world was slightly more innocent.  My first trip home, traveling alone, with baby Sidney after moving to Wisconsin.  Little did I know at this moment that my daughter would be the first generation where the term 9/11 was an adjective that she was familiar with as a first grader.  We were on one of the first flights out of Los Angeles after the airport re-opened and resumed the new normal of air travel.  I am thankful to those kind individuals who helped me off of the bus.  No one would touch another persons luggage, stroller or baby seat, but they would hold a 5 month old baby so a young mother could scramble off the remote parking bus, as at that time, there were no curb drop offs allowed.  Sidney, now 13 and Great-Grandpa,now 94, who still enjoys and icy cold one, happy in a beautiful moment of innocence.

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