Thursday, June 19, 2014

#tbt Player

#tbt circa 2009  Fitting as we had signing day today for his fourth year in club ball to look at his 2nd year playing as a six year old.  Future FIFA player?  I don't know, but in his graduation book he wrote about where he would be in 15 years....

"In 15 years I will hopefully be a soccer player.  I don't care if it's minor or major league or if I'm just a coach, I just want to be playing soccer.  I will probably have a good degree from college.  I hope I will be somewhere close to my family and friends.  If I can't get drafted into a team, I want to be a farmer like my parents."


  1. Such a great sport and nice to know he is still at it.

  2. Love this. :)
    I had some criticism passed on to me today, apparently someone thinks it's awful that our kids play sports, they think it is just wrong & we must push them too hard to do it.
    I just don't know how I could understand to someone like this that doesn't understand the love of something.. especially the love of a little boy, a growing boy, for his favorite sport. They are living their dream by playing them. Push them? no. Support them in pursuing their passions? yes.
    I enjoy looking back and reading things like these - "get drafted... or be a farmer like my parents" Priceless!!!
    Congrats to your son - that's fantastic that he's still playing.



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