Monday, April 14, 2014

Season of Growing

As I write this I hear a steady rain on the roof, the wind howling outside, and yes a brief transition to snow is expected this morning.  This past week has been a blur and I have been neglectful of this sacred space.  Not that we are over-extended, just simply those once a month and one time responsibilities or activities, combined with the regular kid spring routine, all seemed to come at once last week and left few moments of leisure.

It has been one of those weekends, dodging raindrops, completing farm projects in fits and starts.  Though not the dramatic large projects, finishing touches were placed on all of those almost finished things, and slow steady progress made on other tasks.  I think we have the garden plan for the year in place and it looks like we will not be rotating any beds off this year, they will all have to earn their keep.  I sent out the first farm bag email of the year and was both humbled and thrilled by the overwhelming response.  The enthusiasm is infectious and spurs us to expand more and more.  Best of all is the little ditty above. The first flower of spring on the farm signaling the season of growing has begun.

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