Friday, January 17, 2014

Random 5 Friday

1.  Last weekend, as a treat, Sidney and I had some mom and daughter time and got our nails done.  She had used some of her Christmas money to purchase nail polish.  She is wearing the lighter color with a top coat that is one of the new graffiti ones.  Have you seen these, they are pretty cool!

2.  I have a hard time starting and not finishing a book, especially when I have invested more than 400 pages.  Though The Goldfinch had sections that were very compelling, there was a great deal of drudgery in between.  In my opinion it could have been about 300 pages shorter.  

3.  Julochka introduced me to this wonderful book on making preserves and jams last year.  The recipes are great and given me the best success with jam making so it is now my go to .  Yesterday, again thanks to her suggestion, I found more wonderful books in the series that I cannot wait to receive.  Something about the long winter months have me searching for more creative yet traditional ways to sustain ourselves.  Bread, Booze, Curing and Smoking, and Veg are going to be a balm for my winter chapped spirit.

4.  Do you ever just look at your kids and see the amazing little persona that they are developing?  Hints of sarcasm, intelligence, introspection, humor, and responsibility.  Through this I catch little glimpses of the people they will be and it makes my heart swell.  

5.  It has been one of those up and down weeks.  I'm glad that I seem to be on the upswing from a nasty cold just in time for B to be starting with it.

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  1. I liked The Goldfinch, but I agree it was wordy at times. Particularly the ending - I thought it lost something there with all the wordiness.

  2. I'm glad Lisa posted about the book because I knew she had read it too -- doesn't sound like something I would be able to slog through.

  3. Lisa, I think that's putting it perfectly. The parts that I enjoyed, I really enjoyed, but some of the excessive wordiness left me feeling like I was trudging through it.

  4. it looks like snow on your nails. so pretty. very fun. what a wonderful time spent with your daughter. ( :

  5. I am currently enjoying my kids moving their way into adulthood. I have been thinking about reading The Goldfinch....I am reconsider now!

  6. We have been lucky and have avoided being sick. The Hubby had a very mild cold and that is it.

    I love to read also. If a book catches my attention right away I am hooked. Even through the dry parts. Hope your next read is more exciting.

    Have a good weekend.

  7. I have the sample of the Goldfinch on my Kindle - maybe I won't want to invest the time? I look at my Grands and see the people they will become - makes me proud!

  8. Well, my kids are grown but I did see glimpses of their personality as they grew...

    I just read about a hundred pages of a book and just passed on the rest of it...I could not believe it did not get better.

    We have had an up/down sort of week, too.

  9. Haven't read that one and most likely won't now..I am not one for slogging through the dull parts, especially when they are pages and pages long of it. My week is on the up swing also...may it continue so for both of us!

  10. its my daughter's birthday next weekend and i have promised to take her for some spa time, just her and me. really looking forward to that girl time.



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