Saturday, January 4, 2014

Just a Bit Nomadic

Over the years we have been a bit nomadic.  After studying in London, I came back to immediately meet B, and well, the rest is history.  After school, we moved to where the best job opportunities took us, and have often contemplated paying some sort of permanent homage to these meaningful times of our life.  After seeing the works of a semi-local artisan at a friends house, I decided that this was a perfect fit for us, and would make a great Christmas gift for B.

I marked the places where we were both raised, where we met, where we got our start and our baby girl was born, and finally the place we call home.  We hung the copper forms yesterday adjacent to our family portrait, then topped them off with the Tomé sculpted leaves that my uncle gave us.  

This is now our own acclectic family tree, and something for us to remember where we came from, where we have been, and what we have accomplished.


  1. what a unique and super idea-your history is interesting, sounds quite exciting as well.



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