Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Lighter House

The day began with blowing and drifting, and quickly turned to sun and 32 degrees.  
Taking advantage of the much needed vitamin D we have spent some necessary time outside.

**The snow has been blown.
**The outside Christmas lights have been taken down.
**The porch been completely cleared and re-organized.
**The bird feeders all replenished.
**The kids have begun building a snow igloo.

It feels so good to be active outside.  Even once inside the breaks of bright sun through the windows makes my heart skip a beat.  It is hard to believe how very little sunshine we have had this winter! We are taking every advantage today since the deep freeze returns to us tomorrow.

We haven't neglected our inside tasks this weekend either.  Beginning after soccer yesterday we purged three truck loads of both ours and the previous owners junk from our basement. Some to recycle, some to trash, much to donate.  Everything remaining is now finding a new home in labeled buckets on shelves.  Old work benches and built in shelving are now emerging as our wine, honey and charcuterie supply center.  A work in progress, but oh so close.  Best of all?  We seem to have found a nice balance of work and rest with our tasks.  Work some, read or knit some, play some, then work some more.  

The house feels lighter, and is giving off a new energy.  A great start to 2014, and hopefully a force that will propel us into our ever growing farm to do list.

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