Friday, December 20, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Nothing but anticipation in the week prior to Christmas, but I've tried my best and I think been much more organized this season than last.  What does one do this final week before the kids are on Christmas break?

1.  Treat making:  We got our Christmas cookies made, 10 dozen dusted snowballs and chocolate dipped pecan shortbread.  Some for gift giving, and far too many for us!  I used some caramels that I made with a friend and melted them down to make caramel coated pears.  As a last minute thing I tried a simple recipe for Gingerbread Spiced Nuts.  They are so good, I may just have to make a batch to bring with us to KS next week (along with another batch of peppermint marshmallows as promised for my BIL Mark :)

2.  Winter White:  maybe because we will be gone through New Years, or maybe because our weather has been so very cold, but I have made real progress making seasonal decor for the house to replace the festive holiday items.  I am obsessed with the beauty of winter whites to help bring some rustic and bright cheer to the post Christmas house.  It also has such a clean feel which feeds into my annual new year deep cleaning (which I started early with our travel schedule).

3.  Poor Kiddo:  Sid came home from school on Monday with a horrible sore throat and fever.  As it turned out a first time case of strep.  Yuck, never seen a kid get so sick so fast.  I'm happy to say that with 1750 mg of Amoxicillin a day she is feeling much better!  Now I am just praying that the belligerent hand washing, laundry and dish cleaning, and vitamin taking will protect the rest of my clan before the holiday.

4.  Crazy Active Weather:  We have run the gamut of weather already this season.  Overnight we began with freezing rain that is predicted to last most of the day and then we are readying for what may be a decent winter storm for Sunday!  The bright side, the second Christmas morning in 13 years that we will be at home in Wisconsin, will prove to be white!

5.  5 Things Left To Do Before Christmas & Staying Zen:  friend visits and cheer, family games and movies, menu plans, year end wrap up at work, read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  

Linking up with Nancy at A Rural Journal, what have you been up to this week?  Please join in!


  1. funny how Christmas cookies & pine cones go together. neat times! happy weekend. ( :

  2. Cookies, Winter White -- I could live with you! ;) Hope Sid is feeling much better and your clan stays well. Merry Merry and a Happy Happy!

  3. You sound like your organization is paying off before your trip -- and enjoying all the Season has to offer along the way.

    Happy Holidays my friend! xo

  4. These are fun, delicious, and fantastic photos!

  5. Oh your photos re incredible. I do hope everyone stays healthy during the holidays. Enjoy the season.

  6. I love that first photo -- holding hands and sledding. Such fun! I hope Sid is feeling well enough to enjoy all the festivities. Have a wonderful holiday!

  7. those cookies look delicious, and we've pine cones I think I'll try this, they look lovely. HOpe Sid is better soon. Have a very Merry Christmas.



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