Wednesday, November 27, 2013

All of Our Different Families

We are very fortunate that we can spend the holidays with each of our families.  We made a very important commitment over 20 years ago, that family was an a-number one priority to us.  This became even more intensely so when the kids were born and our business moved us further from both families.  We try to alternate, and this year we are in California with my family for Thanksgiving, and we will be spending Christmas with B's.  It can be hectic, but we have never had a second thought.  This dedication to family is something we want our kids to be acutely familiar with and hopefully emulate.  A nice byproduct of this is they get concentrated spurts of quality bonding time with each family.

Beyond that we have another special family, that of our friends and support system at home.  Any other special days are always peppered with these amazing people.  We laugh, cry, cook, eat, joke, listen, wax philosophical and cook some more.  I know that our siblings also have similar support groups of family-like friends and these relationships are such a gift for all of us.

I am truly thankful for all of our different families.  Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving, full of amazing food, drink, lively conversation (possibly inspired by said drink), and most importantly family of all sorts.  xo

**A special thank you to my dedicated readers for all of your support and comments, it appears that I blew past 60,000 hits this week while taking a break.  A Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, celebrating with loved ones is icing on the cake :-).

  2. Sounds like you have your priorities straight :-)



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