Friday, September 13, 2013

Random Five Friday

This week we are really getting into the groove of Fall routine.

1.  Confession:  I love to bake treats.  I think it is fun to have fresh cookies for the kids after school.  I bake often.   I made the commitment to myself a long time ago, that if we were going to have cookies in the house, then I would bake them versus store bought.  But mostly, I have a horrible sweet tooth, and if I want a little confection then I need to bake.

2.  Recipe:  Along with the above confessed sweet tooth, I found this recipe.  I was intrigued with the herb infused brown butter in the base.  It was absolutely amazing, it made the flavors of the cookie just sing.  I can not wait to try other infusions!

3.   Wildlife around the farm:  We have had a mama and now not so small baby deer living here all year.  At least, they are frequently here and have been seen anytime of day; morning, noon or night.  As we were taking our evening walk last night, one of the flower beds (more weeds a natural garden), had two distinctly matted down areas that were not there the previous day.  I think our little friends are bedding down closer to the house.  I love our silent companionship.

can you see the matted down spot from our visitor?

4.   To Market:  We have made two deliveries of garlic to our local market, and today they have asked for us to bring in bunches of Dinosaur Kale and a sample of our Rainbow Swiss Chard.  Such an exciting new relationship is developing, I can not wait until next season!

5.   Generosity:  We are absolutely floored and humbled at the kindness of family members.  The ability of such overwhelming generosity of spirit is a trait that we strive for every day and hope that we can emulate for our family.  (more later)

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  1. What an uplifting post (except maybe for the deer squashing your garden bed!)

    Hope you enjoy the weekend! xo

  2. oh you are doing well with all those deliveries, congrats!! i love the idea of baking, i just rarely get around to it!

  3. beautiful post. the cookies look mouth watering delicious! at least your sweet visitors aren't eating their bedding...;) happy to hear the market is going so well .... they are lucky to have your produce.

  4. You have a lovely blog! I enjoyed my visit. Those cookies look sooooo good. I have a really bad sweet tooth. I don't bake much, so if I eat sweets, they're usually store-bought. Not as good as homemade!

    We have deer that visit us, too, and we find places in the yard where it looks like they've bedded down. My husband is building an elevated gardening bed now for next year. We are putting fencing around most of it, but we are leaving some areas open--a little for the deer. :-)

  5. A very pleasant post. I enjoyed reading about your deer visitors, the kindness of family and those yummy looking cookies. I confess to loving baking too.

  6. Those are great looking cookies! I could eat them every morning with coffee.. Your home life looks wonderful!

  7. I love to bake treats as well. I always have "something" on the counter :)



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