Friday, September 6, 2013

Random Five Friday

This week has just flown by, with the holiday Monday, school and fall sports in full gear, I can honestly say that I do not know where the week went....but I am happy that it is Friday!

1.  We have one of B's veterinary school roommates staying with us this week.  He is in town for a certification class.  It has been about six years since we saw him last, so it has been fun!

2.  B attempted an eradication of the troublesome ground wasp nest late last night.  Several of the extension services recommend pouring soapy water into the nest as a natural way to rid yourself of them.  It was both amazing and a little intimidating that the seemingly small area easily took up 18 gallons of soapy water last night.  Yikes!  We will see what today brings!

3.   School began Tuesday for Charles.  Last night he came home and informed me that he wants to join band this year.  He has never expressed any interest in the instrument opportunities that he has had in the past so I am excited for his enthusiasm.  His instrument of choice....the oboe!  I asked him why and he said that it just sounds awesome....and he could blow the longest into it!  He did make me aware that I had to be very careful of the mouth piece....because if I broke the reed it would cost $30 to replace.  I can not wait to see him tackle this new challenge!

4.  I wrote my second assignment for our Blog Camp goes to MIT class.  It has been a really great feeling to be 'back in school' again.  It is amazing how immediately reminiscent it felt while reading the assignment and then converting my thoughts into a mini term paper.

5.  After several months on the programs committee for the Eco-Justice Center, I was invited to apply for a board seat.  Yesterday afternoon, myself and a friend of mine were both oriented on our responsibilities.  A new adventure beginning.
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  1. Congrats on your board position! They are lucky to have you!

  2. we have a wasp nest up on the ceiling of our front porch. it is right next to our door. i told the kids we would have to remove it when i noticed the wasps starting to build it a few months back. but i ended up leaving it as the wasps just watch us come and go and we've been able to live in peace. i'll remove it in the winter when they leave. where do they go anyway? how fun for your son, the oboe!

  3. wasps are nasty creatures...LOVE that photo.

  4. The place in your photo just draws me in - beautiful!
    I relate, with kids starting back to school this week, and sports, and not knowing quite where the week went so fast!
    Those ground nests can be awful - hope today shows good results. 18 gallons, WOW!
    Fun to have an oboe player in the house!

  5. Great Random 5, and yes TGIF! As for Charles in the's a good thing! Music is good for the soul.


  6. The oboe sounds interesting - hope he enjoys it!

  7. you've had quite a week, oboes, wasps and a board position, congratulations all around.

  8. I like the oboe although I have never played it. I hope he continues to enjoy it and that "you" don't lose or break the mouth piece. Don't you just love how that became your responsibility.

  9. How exciting about the new oboe student! :-) Our grandson is taking violin again this year and he's happy to be doing so...there was a break of a year in between, but the first time they weren't allowed to take the instruments home. Now he has his home to practice and should do much better. Music is so good for kids!

  10. How cool that your son is surprising you -- funny how their interests change at that age. Good luck to him with the band.

    You sound like a very busy lady and a smart one too. Thanks so much for joining in at R5F this week. Very interesting facts!

  11. Can't wait to hear how Charles does with the oboe. It's nice that he's interested in music.



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