Thursday, August 15, 2013

Physiology of Taste and Tastebuds

As I mentioned here, I am a student again.  Our first mini assignment was to skim The Physiology of Taste and pick a bit that speaks to our humor and post a brief reflection of it in a 'status' format.  I find myself captivated by this book written 200 years ago.  So much of what is discussed through anecdote or observation holds true today.

There are many areas in what I have read so far that could be expanded upon, but I came across a translation on gastronomical tests, and thought of our little dinner club...the Tastebuds.  We meet monthly choosing a theme or chef, then spend hours cooking together and enjoy a beautiful meal at the end...evenings full of friendship and family.  We critique each dish and in our opinion, there have been very few failures.  I  must say that we have become quite the food snobs through this process.  We have found that we are hard pressed to find food that we enjoy more.  Is it the taste, the companionship, or both?  I think, perhaps both, and a mutual love for the rituals of food and friendship.

The quote that made me laugh out loud today was this. "Whenever a dish of distinguished and good flavor is served, the guests should be attentively watched, and those, the faces of whom do not express pleasure, should be marked as unworthy."

The passage goes on to describe different levels to the 'tests' that can accommodate those coming from all levels of experience.  I am eager to move through this course discovering new perspectives and reflecting upon what food culture means to me and what my hopes are for both my family and our community as reflected in the food we prepare and eat.


  1. I love this story, love the photo. This is something I have been wanting to do in our area for a long time. Perhaps this course will encourage me to see out the other "foodies" in the area to share a meal every once in awhile! Wouldn't it be wonderful if someday the members of Blog Camp could sit at the same table? Ah, to dream...

  2. Your chosen passage definitely resonates with me, as I have found myself doing this very thing! When I serve something that I know to be absolutely delicious and of the highest quality and the diner doesn't seem to enjoy it, if I'm perfectly honest, I find myself nursing a little storm of distrust in my heart. Your dinner club sounds wonderful!



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