Thursday, August 1, 2013

Food, Summer Stuff & MIT

The early black-eyed-Susans of August bring with them lengthening shadows and the softer, more golden light that are sure signals of the approaching fall.  With that comes my inner sense of needing to prep for the cooler months ahead. 

Food culture seems to be a key thought process around here, especially during harvest season, and this week it has brought lots of new ideas and goals.  In the last couple of weeks we have been getting some early garden harvests in and experimenting with preserving different things.  Two large crocks are on the kitchen counter lacto-fermenting away, one with cucumbers and one full of green beans.  Though neither crop is producing heavily yet, it is coming and soon.

Food is such an integral (intergalactic is what my auto correct tried to correct this to. Ha, maybe its that too!) part of our experience.  Growing, canning, cooking, eating and simply taking an active role in how the food we eat gets to our table.  I just finished French Women Don't Get Fat.  It was an interesting read on food culture and how by simply placing your emphasis on the importance of the meal and how it is to be eaten and enjoyed is one of the essential components of healthier living.  When I finished reading it, I made Karen LeBillons carrot soup.  It was such a hit with the family, that the kids have asked me to make it again...and soon!

After finishing this meal, I read that my group of blogging friends has proposed taking one of the free courses offered through MIT's website together.  I am so excited to be part of this group of dynamic and creative women.  We will be discussing and studying a course on food and culture, and then applying our thoughts more fully in a writing course on contemporary issues, Culture Shock!  How fun to get ready for school in the Fall right along with the kids.  Message me if you would like to join us!

I am excited to be headed to the Madison Farmers Market with some girlfriends this weekend.  I have never been and it is supposed to be something to see.  I hope to take lots of pictures, chat with the farmers and artisans, and bring back some tasty ideas.

So, as you can see, food has been dominating my thoughts, well,  along with preparing for the wedding and the usual summer stuff!  Oh and remind me to tell you about B's latest adventures in removing wild bee swarms from barns where they have taken up residence (cutouts)....quite the experiences!

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