Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Life Feeds New Life

I have waited all week to post, in the hopes that I would catch another glimpse of the newest little life on the farm.  On Tuesday morning, mama and baby were walking through the long grass at the far end of the property.  I snapped a shot, but it was very grainy.  So each morning I got up extra early, prepped the kids stuff and waited patiently.  Mama appeared Wednesday morning walking around, but the little one was well hidden somewhere near the orchard.  This is the doe that I am certain has taken up residence for much of the last two Falls back in the orchard.  I haven't seen any sign of them the last two mornings, so I will post this, in the hope that Murphy's Law will be on my side and I will see them in the morning. 

Look at the sweetie, so small and unsure on her legs.  She can't be more than a week or two old.  So I guess I should not get too angry that the strawberry greens have been munched on, and that one of our baby oak trees has lost several of its leaves to our visitors.  New life does after all does feed new life.

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