Monday, June 3, 2013

New Homes and the Farm Weekend

Two of our not so little anymore little ones went to there forever home yesterday afternoon.  Brothers, Blue is the spitting image of dad, while Cluster has some of mama's finer qualities.  Dot (mama) also has a smiley face on both sides.  Fitting that the largest and the runt of the litter go home together. 

The kids spent some time primping them in preparation.  They got one last romp in the garden, and then a pedicure and a dry bath.  One of the best parts is that they went home with some friends of ours, so there will be visitations.

Aside from two traveling soccer games, a house full of 10 year old boys slumber partying, and 4H picnicking, we managed to get some more planting done in the garden, and some more envisioning for its future.  I am not sure if it is the fact that the weather has finally warmed, the possibility that we may soon finally be rid of the other house, or that our little farm is the site for a wedding this fall, but we feel a little lighter and better able to envision simple, sustainable changes that will move us forward. 

This morning, I processed the rest of the rhubarb that we have picked so far into 2 gorgeous Quarts of Rhubarb Vanilla cordial.  After much hemming and hawing about it, and the fact that Charles and Sidney now love soda water as much as B and I do, we are finally going to invest in a soda stream to cut down on our can waste, and to compliment the variety of cordials this seasons garden will offer.

This season we are also upping the ante with the purchase of a pressure caner.  We will be able to process a much wider variety of items to fill our pantry.  By later this summer, look for some new canning tips!

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  1. you won't regret the soda stream. don't you love the tart goodness of that rhubarb cordial? i'm hopeful i'll still have plenty left when the strawberries come (it's going to be a bumper crop), so that i can do strawberry-rhubarb!

    i love when the season gets started, don't you?

    happy monday!



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