Thursday, June 20, 2013

Grow, Baby Grow

The garden is in, the bees seem to be rejuvenating their colonies, and it looks like we are going to be settling into some moderately warm weather with occasional storms in the forecast...perfect growing weather. 

We are fortunate enough to have a team of great people who are willing to dedicate a little time to the farm when we head out of town to visit family.  It is always tough to gauge when will be the best time to go.  Early summer seems better than late summer due to harvests, yet some of the late summer harvests are so abundant that a few extra days on the vine is not a big deal.  This year the timing is almost perfect, with the exception of the fact that everything is 4-6 weeks behind, and it seems that our peas are just blooming and the garlic scapes have just poked their pointy little heads out.  So a few lucky helpers will hit the mother lode of those items while we are gone; hopefully we will get lucky and get some on the tail end. 

This years garden went in with an ease that we have not had before.  I think we must finally be getting good at it and envisioning everything we need as we do it.  The two chairs at the top of the garden are sitting in what will become our patio area, a perfect spot for a cocktail and grazing on fresh veggies.  Just outside the fence line, there is a protected area between the garden and the house that we think is perfect for an outdoor kitchen.  All we need for our farm to table life is for the garden to grow, baby grow.

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