Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekly Roundup

 It is hard to know what day of the week it is this week.  The holiday compounded with being back to work and school for partial weeks has me all upside down.  Or maybe it is the fact that better than half of my staff either has been or is currently sick with some variation of the funk that is out there right now.  Of course, like the big extended family we are, I needed to only be back in the building 72 hours before I got it. Ugh!

So with a foggy head and a cup of hot lemon honey tea, that I prepped last fall for just such an occasion,  I am going to jot down a little weekly roundup.

Made Me Think:  I heard this interview earlier this week on WPR.  It is with the son of the President of the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek.  He was being interviewed from India where they were burying his father.  During this interview the philosophy of Chardi Kala was presented.  It is the outlook on life reflecting 'high spirits'.  This really spoke to me, such a positive life view.  It is especially humbling to hear how the Sikh strive to emulate this feeling in any circumstance.  A mindset that the whole world would benefit from.

Recipe of the Week:   I made Italian Chicken Soup this week.  Though a little labor intensive it was amazing and just what the doctor ordered as far as comfort food.  I will say that instead of cooking a whole chicken, I used a rotisserie one, and it was wonderful!

A New Project:  Starting off the New Year has led me back to Flickr and a group of photography friends who have spent much of the last four years enjoying one another.   This year's group focus goes nicely with my one word, as it is a weekly postcard 52:2013 (let me know if you'd like to join in!)

Weekend Haps:  Aside from substantial couch time for me, we will spend the weekend both bottling last years wine and putting up a new batch!!   Oh, and how can I forget?  We are eagerly awaiting the season premiere of Downton tomorrow night!

Expecting Something Furry:  Dot seems to be nesting, and we are anticipating babies in the short term, a first bunny litter and the kids are looking forward to it!  You may be inundated with bunny pictures soon! :)


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