Saturday, February 18, 2012


It's hard to believe that I'm sitting here in the middle of February with a few windows open and listening to the sounds of birds return.  As we headed out to soccer this morning, sure enough, I caught the first glimpse of crocus' peeking through.  That was enough to inspire me to do a little light clean up.   Who wants to be doing indoor chores when the sun is calling? 

I began dead heading a plants that I'd left up for winter interest and with the lack of snow just look dead and scraggly.  Funny how these things start, I did the one bed and then another.  Then decided to walk the yard in the glorious sunshine to pick up the trash that had blown in over the last few months.  As I get close to the barn, I begin to inspect the asparagus bed.  It will be some of the first produce to come up in the spring.  As I look for little tops, I notice not only is the bed almost completely thawed but there are actually weeds growing!  So one thing leads to another, I set down the collected trash and weed.  I had almost forgotten how good it feels to get my hands dirty in the garden.

 Now, do I take all of this back to the fire pit?  No, it occurs to me that maybe a few avian would appreciate a lush green snack.  That they did, attacking it like it was candy.  All the while the rooster kept a watchful eye on his harem to make sure they all got their fill.  I'm sure the winter (though I use that term loosely this year) is not over yet, and maybe I have just jinxed myself by getting my hands dirty early, but it sure feels like Spring outside!

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