Monday, February 20, 2012

One Task Always Leads To Another

Have you ever noticed that one project always seems to lead into another?  Back in November B and I spent a little time making some pallet shelves that I'd pinned on pinterest.  We had not gotten around to hanging them, so I decided that would be my project today.  As a way to further procrastinate, while in the basement looking for hardware to hang the shelves I came across an old window that I found in the barn while we were building the shelves.  My intention had been to make a project of it on a snowy winter day.   Since winter really hasn't materialized, at least as I had envisioned, I decided that I would start working on that project too.

Windows Cleaned up, Shelving hung, so what's next?  Well put something on those darned shelves!  I look at the adjacent floor to ceiling bookcase and pick a few items to go on the shelves and then decide the bookcase needs a complete overhaul.  Let's just say that I no longer feel guilty for missing the gym today.  Sixty years worth of National Geographics by the armload up to the attic, took care of any calisthenics and weight lifting that I needed today.

So now, our blank little upstairs hallway that has had precious little hanging in it since we moved to the homestead almost 5 years ago is slowly filling up with precious pieces, and everything feels fresh and new.

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