Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The last few days there has been a flurry of activity.   Here's a snapshot~

 I had double duty scouting yesterday with the cub scout blue and gold banquet directly following our girl scout meeting.  It was so busy going from work to scouting to scouting that I didn't even get to give proper attention to the iPhone 4s upgrade I finally was able to get for us!  Yay!

Today we got our schedule finagled so that we can be in California for my cousin's wedding in July!  So excited; sure to be a fantastic trip and the kiddos will get to hit a few San Diego activities that they have never done before.

We are getting the other house listed this week and I'm going to remain positive that this will be the year that we can finally end that chapter.  

I simply love flipboard!  If you don't use it, check it out.  As I did my perusing over coffee this morning, I found this list making ap called Clear.  I'm just learning to navigate it, but a cool by product is the layout of the little scribbling above.

 In the busyness of everyday life, I hope your tea leaves make you clear!

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