Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My First Annual 39th

 Funny thing, I come from two conflicting perspectives.  I always send e-cards for birthdays, Mother's Day, Fathers Day etc.  It's better for the environment  and then there's the disposal in general.  I always feel guilty getting rid of cards because I want to save the sentiments.

On the other hand, I have loads of beautiful note and post cards for sending on random occasions for the purpose of the written (handwritten) word not getting lost in our ever digital lives.  I'll tell you though, it sure is nice to open a couple of honest to goodness birthday cards from loved ones.  You know, the moms and dads who knew no different in their coming of age.

I used to save the cards, then cut them apart and put them into my intricate scrapbooks.  Alas, I haven't scrapbooked for several years, what with blogging to have a legacy of writing.  Now there are a pile of cards.

Hmmm, I think I just figured it out.  Take a pic of the lovely cards, and then blog about them!  Problem solved.  See I'm getting smarter and smarter and all on this my first annual 39th!

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