Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Sit And Create

Front of Purse
We are on Thanksgiving break this week and due to a number of circumstances, we are spending it at home this year as just our immediate family.  The last few days have been peppered with sleep overs and play dates.  Last night, Sidney and her friend were up until 1:20 am diligently working on a duck tape project.
Wallet Outside
They each made their own unique purses and wallets.  Sid's reflected what most consumes her thoughts these days...can you guess?
Back of Purse
I was stunned at the thought that went into these, and how they just made up the patterns and went with it.  Sidney even has an iPod holder (pocket) built into her bag!
Wallet Inside
Now, I love to craft, but this pure ability to just sit and create, from nothing?  It is all hers, and I am so proud!

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