Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vacation Trepidation?

Our Italian squash are sending out runners and holding on for dear life

This small time vegetable farmer is excited to head out to see her family, yet leaves with some trepidation.  As I mentioned here, we spend a great deal of time watching, babying, coaxing and simply enjoying our garden's growth process.  Now as I race around to get packed, plant the last of the seedlings from the basement and as B thins the new greens so they thrive while we're away,  I feel no small sense of anxiety to leave our garden baby.

 We've had tons of rain and everything is soggy, yet happy.  Now it's to get very hot while we're gone.  Even when we had very small gardens we were very attuned to the weather, having a new found respect for the family farmer.  But now, we're weather hawks, trying to supplement where needed and like watchful parents, making sure that this season's growth has what it needs to make it to a fruitful harvest.  I was reminded again today of the precarious life balance of our fauna, we found root maggots on our broccoli!  Same darned problem last year, but we took precautions and made changes, and yup, they're back again.  So now I'm wondering what other dangerous varmint is hiding ready to take out other plants while we're gone....

Yes, I'm slightly neurotic about this, and I'm sure it will all be fine and we'll come home to a thriving homestead.  So I resolve to put these chaotic thoughts out of my mind.  California here I come! 

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