Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garden Primping

 We're having a low key and relaxing weekend.  Putting finishing touches of mulch on the garden and waiting for that brief break we get between planting and harvesting, that is growth.  We've really amped up our heavy mulch in the beds this year to minimize weeding, so we'll see.  There have also been intermittent thunderstorms which have allowed for us to skip the watering too.  We seem to have planned this years vacation well.  Not too close to harvest, and not in the middle of planting.  Ah see, we're learning!

As B and I were taking our garden stroll last night we were pointing out to one another new sprouts we found.  The spaghetti squash and second set of beans we sowed last week are all coming up, yea!  We'll leave the end of this week for Cali and most likely come home to a much changed and much larger garden.   We are always amazed at how fast and how much everything grows in the week we're gone.  I guess it's the old adage, a watched pot.  Since we won't be literally watching the garden grow on thrice daily strolls, it will be a fulfilling shock when we get back. After months of heavy labor, it is a lazy feeling this weekend, with just the usual chores and some garden primping.

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