Monday, April 5, 2010

Look What We Have Here!

 When we went out this morning for our rounds to survey what new life is emerging on the property, look what we found!  If you remember, last year I talked about legacy planting.  It looks like not only did they thrive last year, but they survived their first winter too!  Of course, I can't seem to keep our curious puppy out of this area, so this afternoon we hauled out some old picket fence panels from the barn which we are now going to enclose this area with.  See, it only takes a moment for me to come up with another project to add to the list!
We had a lot of fun yesterday with the kids and some good friends.  Both families are normally out of town for spring break, but this year neither one of us were able to do it, so we spent our orphaned holiday together.  B and I did take off two days this week, today and Thursday to bookend our week so we can work on the farm and have the days with the kids.  We aren't all work and no play though.  We spent some time at the zoo this afternoon (Monday's are $1 entrance day), followed by ice cream.  They'll be at work with us and tomorrow and Wednesday, which they think is fun anyway and I'll try not to pull my hair out. :)  Here's to a Spring Break that's off to a great start!

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