Thursday, April 8, 2010


As I mentioned here, we are spring break orphans this week.  We took a couple of stay home days this week to savor kid time and work around the house.  But this was quite a change from our normal California trip.  That's been postponed until June, and mind you, the kids definitly new something was awry when we didn't board a plane prior to Easter. 

They understand and have had a good week despite the lack of West coast scenery.  But today had an extra special hour, and one that is now going to be repeated for the remaining 3 days of the break.  I daresay may become a weekend standard.  Yes, Buffy with grandma was able to make an appearance today with the assistance of DVD players on the coast and on the Great Lakes and a speaker phone.  The children's beloved grandma Buffy time was realized today despite 2000 plus miles of distance.  Amazingly, we got the episodes to start completely in sync with a mother/daughter 1....2....3 done perfectly well.  You'd think we'd had some practice at this :)

So as our vacation day saw rain and some snow showers, the kids and parents (watching this phenomena) were warmed by the Coast via telephone.  Thanks mom!

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