Monday, January 4, 2010

The Great Sort Begins

Well it's day 4 of the new year and we have taken a small step toward completing one of our winter projects. I'd say that's a pretty good jump start on the year! Operation tool consolidation and arranging has officially begun. The basement has been emptied of the clutter and bits and pieces and they're making their way to the barn for the big lay out and organization.

As we began the pick up and find this morning, Brian said he was frustrated because it seems we just partially moved in. His big love and creative outlet has been his wood shop and since we moved in, we have only partially unpacked some stuff, just waiting for the other house to sell and then get the rest of it moved and set up.

Now, we are at a disadvantage since so many of his main power tools were badly damaged in last years flood. They have been moved here since we had to vacate the rest of the other house for repairs, but everything just sits in a kind of limbo and disarray. So now we begin to clear out, organize, and re-enter talks with the insurance company, with the hopes of gaining some guidance on how to fix this (we've attempted ad nausea to get bids but there are no dealers anywhere in our area).

The tools will come in oh so handy as we continue to build our life on our little farmstead. We've got a list of projects a mile long that they will be useful for. In going with the theme I presented yesterday, this year will not only be a great year as we continue on our adventure, it will also be the year that we move on and try not to start every sentence with "when the other house sells..."
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