Sunday, January 3, 2010

Toasting 2010

Today really feels like the first day of the new year to me. We got home yesterday evening and before settling in, I set out a loaf of my zucchini bread to defrost, so that we could start the new year off tasting the goodness of last year. Today has been spent picking up, taking down Christmas, and generally rearranging things to look and feel fresh. It isn't too hard to be dedicated indoors since it is frigid outside.

When we moved into this house my parents sent us a wonderful gift basket of goodies. One of those items was a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate our new home with. I decided to put it in the fridge and crack it open when the other house sold as a celebration of the completed move. Little did I know then, that two and a half years later, that bottle would still be sitting in it's refrigerated place of honor.

I discussed with Brian last night that to start off right, we're going to open that bottle this evening, to accompany our garden feast. We're going to toast the new year and all of the good to come, instead of waiting for the special occasion that would normally give us the extravagant excuse to drink champagne. Toasting our health, happiness and the adventure to come is enough!

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  1. interesting to ponder why it is that we put off pleasures for ourselves all the time, when we could actually be enjoying things in our everyday. little pleasures like a glass of champagne, or maybe not buying something at the grocery store because it seems like something for a special occasion...we could do well to make our everyday existence more of a special occasion, don't you think?

    i hope you enjoyed that champagne!

    happy new year!

  2. j, I agree!

    The champagne was wonderful :)



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