Sunday, October 18, 2009

I've Been Invaded!

I do not mean to gross anyone out, but since tomato season, it has been an absolute battle of the wills. I'm sad to say that I think my nemesis the fruit fly is winning!

The little parasites arrive every year around the same time, but normally once the harvest is done they diminish rapidly. This year, they've decided to take up residence and their favorite past time is tormenting me.

We've tried it all. A good friend of mine from Simply Spent had luck with placing out a dish of red wine vinegar with a splash of dish soap, not a single taker in the Ray farm house. The damn little mutants seem to love to join me in a glass of wine, literally. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have company picking drunk bugs out of their libations?? Thursday night I set a trap. bowls of red wine all over the kitchen, not a single one in 2 days. Yesterday I bleached the whole kitchen hoping to suffocate the little bastards blessings of nature.

I sit down last night and viola they're diving liberally into my glass of white wine, then flying all around me! It feels like a scene from the birds as I'm batting in the air at these virtually invisible leeches. My daughter logically advised me last night, maybe they like the wine glass, so we set another trap. I come bounding down the stairs like a kid at Christmas this morning to see the annihilation. NOT A SINGLE ONE!!

HELP!! Any ideas??

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, that is weird. I still do not understand why they won't go to your red wine vinegar concoction. That usually works like a charm.

    We've killed their cousins and siblings from the tomato plants from the farm over here. Maybe you have a much more intelligent variety :)



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