Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fire Please

I'm sitting here in my 1890 farmhouse and looking out the window onto a cold steady rain. As I'm a bit under the weather, I want to just curl up next to the fire and relax. One problem with that, there is no fireplace!

The Gifford family who built this house was headed by Wm. Gifford, a very progressive and innovative man. This house was the first with indoor plumbing in the area, as well as the first with a central heating system. Now, he must have revelled in his brilliance and thought that since he was so far ahead of times, why put in a fireplace? We don't need it, we're heating our home and I don't need to haul in wood to do it!

Well, I beg to differ! The only bit of atmosphere that is missing from our home is a fireplace, more specifically a wood burning stove. So, as I dream of the future wood burning, heating, ambiance device that will sit in our home, I'm going to curl up under my afghan, that is now large enough I can curl up under it while I finish knitting it, have a toddy, watch the rain and mend.

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