Thursday, October 1, 2009

Growing Pains

Learning something new can kind of be like getting repeatedly pricked by this lovely thistle. How do you like the new layout of the blog so far? I began to re-format with an email to, and a wonderful reply from Julochka. I've admired her blog's brightness and how it fills the page and so begged some helpful hints. Thank you, Thank you!

Next, I began to do surgery on my "header." You know, the title bar at the start of the blog. It's amazing how many hours you can spend cutting, pasting, resizing by the 32nd of an inch to get things to fit (sort of). I have a Mac at home. Love it, would choose nothing else. I pull up the blog to show someone at work and on the PC's it shows up sized completely different! UGH!

Today I began to troll the blogger help sites looking for how to write html code so I can make some changes to the header. I NEVER thought I'd attempt the black hole of html, but it's not too bad if you can copy what those before you have done. Amazingly, things that seem very thorough can be a bit fragmented and you need to put the puzzle together from multiple sources. Then I find out that my blog appears differently when you view it through different browsers too. Jeez!

Brian thinks I'm nuts to let this bother me. He told me today, "you need to find a new hobby", mocking surprise and hurt I said, "you mean stop blogging??" to which he replied "get over how the header looks." Well I can't let it go. I just can't have the frame cut off by pictures, or microscopic photos, or off centered ones. So if you happen to come across my little blog and it looks crazy different every 2 minutes, it's just me trial and erroring my way to happiness.

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