Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day

Beginning a little over a year ago, Blog Action Day was created as a forum for those of us in the blogosphere to share our thoughts, regardless of position on important issues. This years issue is climate change.

I felt this was an especailly good fit for us, as becoming more self-efficient, reducing our footprint, and making responsible environmental choices are all important focus' for us. I've spoken often about our moving to the farm as a way to do our best to supply our own food, and give the kids a taste of a simpler life not reliant on that feeling of urgency that comes from the rat race.

Another way we've introduced climate issues to the kids has been by participating in Earth Hour for the last couple of years. Brian and I have thought that this would be a wonderful thing to implement in our family on a weekly basis. One hour of consiousness that also is a wind down hour devoted specifically to the family. So I'll use blog action day today to implement our new Sunday evening ritual. Turn off all of the lights, computers, televisions, music and sit in candlelight with the family reading to one another or just having a conversation.


  1. Hi, I arrived here today from the Blog Action Day website. I like your idea of taking an hour to make your family more aware of the earth and its needs. Thank you for sharing your idea on this day of action!

  2. Great idea! Sunday evenings sound peaceful in your house :)



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