Monday, August 17, 2009

Small Town Perspectives

The perks of a small town are numerous. A few things you can count on....

1. a slower pace (even for those of us always busy)

2. you will not get through a day without running in to someone you know, or meeting someone who went to school with or lives by someone you know.

3. you will make decisions based on whether it requires you driving "all of the way across town" (usually a 15-20 minute drive)

I run in to these and many other things on a daily basis. I love it dearly, this small town living.

Coming from the West coast, you think that I'd never be put out by a short jaunt such as the drive suggested above. Our routine drive to work was 40+ minutes, and I worked in real estate and virtually drove for a living. But, oh boy, does your perspective change once you've lived in a small town. Is it my appreciation for the slower pace? Or, being plain spoiled by things being so close? Or, having moved to a small town with a baby in tow and then once having kids, looking for the path of least resistance? Or is it just pure laziness? I don't know, but I was drawn out of it, at least momentarily today.

As I mentioned in Guilty Pleasures, I love Sonic! In fact a few years ago I looked into what was involved with buying a franchise and opening one here. They weren't in this market and had no immediate plans to enter. BUT, today one opened in Oak Creek! Jeez, so far away! So I bit the bullet and made the trek. I put the odometer on the car to zero and set out, with a sky threatening and spitting rain on the old car whose windshield wipers seemed to be impaired.

I made it the staggering 11.1 miles to the new, and desperately far away Sonic and indulged in Ched-R-Peppers and a Route 44 Cherry Limeade. Pure Heaven!

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  1. I will be happy to indulge in Sonic anytime you want! Well, not ANYTIME as I will be dieting but for sure a much needed vacation from it! YUM.




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