About Me

Married to my soul mate. Mom. Friend. Business owner. Homesteader. Blogger. Reader. Dreamer. Implementer. Living and loving every moment. Amazed at how time flies in a breath.

What is Tilting at Windmills??

Some may think that running a small business and raising kids is enough.  Some may think that purchasing a 130 year old farmstead on six acres so that we can work tirelessly in our gardens, eat seasonally, preserve food, take care of farm animals and reach for a sustainable lifestyle in our 'spare time' is just 'Tilting at Windmills'.  That we are reaching for some unattainable ideal of the past.  Well, if raising our kids in a contemporary world while teaching them a simple appreciation for what is so often taken for granted is that, then we proudly tilt.  This blog is a reflection of our family's life adventure balancing a modern world with the simpler    things.  Taking a more sustainable and less travelled by road.


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