Sunday, March 13, 2016

Working Towards Your Dreams

About seven months ago, Sidney took over a good portion of the household cooking.  She has always had an excellent palate, and cooked from time to time for our tastebuds group.  She also has never had any interest in following recipes.  Myself, I need a recipe, especially for baking.  I have learned over the years where I can add my own flare, and to make up simple mains, but with Sid it is different.  She has a voracious appetite for tasting every element, she likes to experiment with  an array of spices and eyeball ingredients.  She told me that she finds being in the kitchen calming and she does not mind in the least trying over and over again (that would frustrate me to no end!).

We moved to the homestead when she was six and Charles was four.  She has only shadows of memories from before we lived here.  Though she loved her show chickens and the space to run, neither of the kids had taken a tremendous interest in why we garden and preserve food as we do.  Though we told them ad nauseum, it has just always been there, something mom and dad did.  As I mentioned here, this year Sid is extremely interested in cooking seasonally available things, and was key in picking many of the seeds for the garden.  One of her favorite sweeteners is honey, and as it happens we just harvested a ton of it.  She is working on a position paper for school about the plight of the honey bee, and has expressed an interest in learning the ropes from the inside looks like we will have to get her a bee suit so she can help B when our new packages arrive.  

All this said, she has aspirations of Culinary School, and has always enjoyed writing and taking pictures.  This weekend she launched her own blog to record her journey.  We are so proud of her actively working to make her dreams a reality.  Introducing honey and spice [and everything nice]   Please take a moment to look at her initial post and click the follow on bloglovin' box in the right column!  

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