Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tilting at Windmills- A Re-Introduction

As we approach the spring, I have tasked myself with completing an A-Z Blog Challenge in the month of April.  April also marks the beginning of my ninth year in the blogosphere.  After eight years, 1243 posts, and over 105,000 unique views, I find myself circling around new ideas.  My brain is percolating what is important.  The original premise of this sacred space remains.  A place to journal our growth in no small part because our families live afar and it is a way for our loved ones to keep up with our daily life.  Our collective experiences are allowing us to grow and evolve together, and that metamorphosis will also be captured here.

What is Tilting at Windmills??

Some may think that running a small business and raising kids is enough.  Some may think that purchasing a 130 year old farmstead on six acres so that we can work tirelessly in our gardens, eat seasonally, preserve food, take care of farm animals and reach for a sustainable lifestyle in our 'spare time' is just 'Tilting at Windmills'.  That we are reaching for some unattainable ideal of the past.  Well, if raising our kids in a contemporary world while teaching them a simple appreciation for what is so often taken for granted is that, then we proudly tilt.  This blog is a reflection of our family's life adventure balancing a modern world with the simpler things.  Taking a more sustainable and less travelled by road.

Thank you for all of those who have listened to me over the years, and I welcome those new to me, come along and join us on our journey!

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