Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekend Excursion and Maturing Tastes

A quick trip down to Chicago this weekend was our first such excursion to Chi Town since the kids were much younger.  Now as the teen years overtake us, longevity and interests allow for quite a different experience.  We had a beautiful, jacket free day near 60 degrees and with the insanity from Friday's windstorm past we were left with a gentle 10mph breeze. A perfect way to get our winter dulled endorphins kick started.

We began at the Museum of Science and Industry.  It is a fantastic museum, but with the exception of a handful of areas, one we had done enough when the kids were small, they felt a bit like they'd outgrown it.  A major hit for Sidney was the Chemistry area, she walked in and said, "now this is my wheelhouse".  Then she had me load a periodic table to her phone so that she could see if she could remember how to calculate moles.  She was successful.

After a nice tapas lunch we walked downtown for a couple of hours with a stop at Millennium Park and a few obligatory photos at the bean.  All in all a great day.  It was perfect for seeing the different ways that our kids tastes are maturing, and get ideas for next time.

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