Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016 in One Word

First of all Happy New Year!  Each year I pick one word that will be a theme or reflection point for the year.  So, as I was thinking about what that one word would be I was rather frustrated that one word felt so limiting.  Then I decided to check out the thesaurus, and realized that any word that I chose would have a number of meanings.  One of my favorite movies is The Holiday.  It has become a tradition for our family to watch it each year when we are in California for Christmas.  I kept flashing to one scene in the movie and decided that my word for the year would be...


noun nerve, initiative
As you can see a single word can encompass a number of meanings.  For me the energy, sense of spirit and strength that the word Gumption possesses is perfect for the first page of a brand new 365 page book.  What one word will you pick for 2016?

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