Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finding My Tribe and Weekly Randoms

It seems with the somewhat slower pace of cold weather, I have had the time to focus on some more reading.  I finally seem to have gotten my book reading mojo back after a bit of a slump, and I also have had a good run coming across great articles, recipes and ideas online.  As new graduates we found ourselves with first jobs in Las Vegas and tried to make it our home for eight years.  It was the perfect place to live for young people just getting started and at the time of Vegas' evolution that we were there.  One thing that plagued us though was how difficult it seemed to be to meet and make close friends.  We were coming off of our college experience when friends would always just be dropping by and it was a bit of a letdown.  Maybe it was the more transient nature of the location, but not knowing or being able to confirm that, we did not really set expectations on ever having a tribe.  Now after almost fifteen years in Wisconsin we are more fortunate than I could ever have imagined.  Not only do we have a tribe of families we are very close to, but I am part of a group of amazing and dynamic women in our town who are all vital, engaged and tremendously supportive.  I began thinking about this in depth when I came across this fantastic article from the Rebelle Society, well worth the read!

Also check out~

:: So often I see recipes for healthy breakfast bars and cookies and am disappointed once I have made them, they tend to be good for you, yes, but also dry and tasteless. I decided to give it another try when I came across this recipe, and they are fantastic!  Super easy, versatile, healthy and something the kids are eagerly asking for!

:: I love this list of 22 Tiny Things You Should Do Everyday, there is not a bad tip there and very simple things to remember in order to get the most out of each day.

:: Bi Partisan Food for Thought:   A Psychologists Open Letter to US Voters

:: Have you  heard about the Capsule Wardrobe?  I think I may just have to look into this!

What fun things have you found this week?


  1. I relate to your thoughts and the article on "finding my tribe." And really like that list of 22 tiny things!

  2. I relate to your thoughts and the article on "finding my tribe." And really like that list of 22 tiny things!

  3. The list of 22 things to do each day is really great!



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