Monday, October 12, 2015

Perfect Weekend for Soccer

This weekend was our soccer club's annual Lighthouse Tournament.  It is the one weekend every fall that we anticipate spending most of our time at the soccer park and do not plan on getting much done around the homestead.  As expected the weekend was a blur.  The weather is always a wild card and in years past more often than not we have shivered in blustery temperatures and rain.  This year was gorgeous with our warmest day yesterday topping out at close to 80!  It was such a treat!    The boys did a fantastic job winning three games and qualifying for the final.  Though they did not win the final game it was a hard earned and well deserved second place.

This may have been our last hurrah of summer like warmth.  Our week promises cooling temperatures, wind and our first possibilities of frost.  That is just fine though, the true feeling of fall comes from gorgeous shows of light, the trees putting on their show before allowing their leaves to be sent soaring in the gusts, and having hot spiced cider on the stove.  

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  1. Congrats to your boys on their great weekend. We are also headed for cooler temps.



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