Sunday, May 31, 2015

Adventures With Porcine

Yesterday evening B discovered that Penelope was lame.  She had cut her foot on a piece of glass.  The interesting thing about living on the farm, is that there is a tremendous amount of history buried around the place.  Much of what the girls have rooted up has been bits of metal buckles and the occasional glass that looks much like sea glass.  Yesterday Penelope found what appeared to be a very old bottleneck that was much too perfectly preserved, as it had not dulled at all.

Thankfully, we have access to what is needed to treat minor problems, yet as it is not what B does day to day, it was a learning experience and the first Ag animal procedure that I was involved with since he was in vet school.....uh when that bull with the open abdomen decided to head butt me :)

She did very well, yet we learned that the sedatives wear off very quickly on pigs, and her somewhat oafy pen mate need be no where near her.

It went relatively uneventfully, yet not something we want to do with any frequency.  Oh, and she got her bandage off even before the sedation wore completely off, so no access outside, clean straw and a few antibiotic injections will be the course of treatment.

Just another day on the homestead.

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