Sunday, May 31, 2015

#100HappyDays :: Day 25

We finished our first canning of the season, and tried a new rhubarb bread recipe yesterday.   I always make and freeze several loves of zucchini bread to pull out at various times after the garden season ends.  I believe that the rhubarb bread was a winner and a couple of batches will also be heading to the deep freeze.  We doubled our rhubarb chutney recipe from last year, which I am thrilled with, we will see what other tasks need to be done for next weeks gardening, we may just have to re-visit this recipe again as not to risk running out!  It is a wonderful feeling to begin to enjoy the produce from the garden and preserve it so that we can taste the flavors of early spring in the darker and colder days of winter.


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  2. Rhubarb is so delicious. My mom always grew it.



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