Saturday, May 16, 2015

#100HappyDays :: Day 10

Our pigs are set up pretty nice.  A large section of the granary is theirs.  They have a bedded sleeping area and separate feed and water area inside, then outside they have a fenced area for rooting.  As they have rooted around we have found this area is pretty sandy, what a bonus!  Yesterday Morning, B got the fencing up in the front pasture so that the pigs could roam and graze.

When they first got out they were cautious, but it only took about two minutes for Penelope to run, buck and frolic like a big dog.  As we sit and watch them, they come up to us freely now for scratches.  We found out that a special favorite of theirs was dandelion flowers.  Happy today for free range pasture pigs.

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