Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Growing Days Have Begun

If things on the farm do not happen simultaneously, they certainly happen in quick succession.  Mother Nature is wise that way.  As we thank the trees for the early sap for syrup, now is the time to cease in collecting it.  As you can see, the lichen are thanking us for the little overflow of sap.

Today as we removed the spiels from the trees and scrubbed the buckets to ready for them storage, everything around us is hinting of tasks to come.

In a short two weeks our cool weather broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower seeds have blossomed into little plants ready to be hardened off and planted in our mini hoop house.

A large amount of dirt is lifting as our giant rhubarb begins to emerge like an octopus poking up from the deep.

Tender garlic shoots are beginning to poke their ray through their winter blanket of straw.

We have never seen stinging nettle on our property before, and after an exhaustive unsuccessful search last spring, late summer this plant began coming up in our pepper bed.  We left it and it is now getting large enough to transplant into its own area, I am excited to finally try julie's nettle pesto!

It is also spring animal time.  We are trying to finalize decisions on piglets, and since we did not want to brood any fowl in the house this year we have waited an extra month to order them.  Now we are putting together an order for chickens, ducks, and geese to wander the property all summer.  There is never a dull moment as the growing days have begun!

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