Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Is In The Air

The snow has almost melted and the sap is running freely.  Dinner this evening will be out on the front porch so we can enjoy the light and balmy 69 degrees before the weather turns cooler and more seasonal again tomorrow.

The weekend was filled with evaporating off 67 gallons of sap into what eventually became two gallons of beautiful maple syrup.  Since this is our second year and we set our expectations appropriately, the sugaring off was much more relaxed.  We stepped away from the boiling and were able to do a number of spring chores.  The chickens and ducks are happy with their newly spruced up coop.  The cold frame is covered, warming and waiting to be planted with early cold weather greens next week.

As I write, the windows are flung open, a vase of daffodils are sitting on the counter and the kitchen filling with the smells of candied walnuts to toss on our al fresco salads for supper.   I have tried a lot of candied nut recipes, and this recipe is ah-mazing!

Children's books are never just for children......wouldn't you agree?

I am constantly pinning recipes or storing them to my online ap Paprika, however there is something about the physical cookbook.  When Seriously Delish came out I ordered the kindle version, and quickly found that I missed having the book to flip back and forth through, refer to previous recipes or bits on information in the prologue, so I promptly ordered the book itself.   I love to read cookbooks especially when the author adds little stories around the recipes or discusses their trials and errors.  I like to make notes in the margins as I cook and was happy to see that I was not alone.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I hope you will post more about your sugaring process. I would love to learn more.



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