Monday, March 23, 2015

Seeded, Sprouted & Strong

We seeded two 72 plant flats for the garden on March 15th.  The above shot was on the equinox, a mere 5 days later and a near 100% success rate in germination.  On Saturday B moved the sprouted flats from our kitchen down to the mini growing chamber that we have in our basement.

What a difference 3 days makes, they all look happy and strong!  After our little bout of spring snow today and with rain showers later this week, by the weekend we should be seeding spinach and lettuce and radishes to the cold frame and prepping the mini hoop houses in the garden.

Spring is coming and there are loads of great farm projects in front of us this year, not the least which is getting ready for the spring batch of babies...chicks, ducklings & piglets!

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