Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Have you ever been in a book slump?  After investing the entire Fall in a book series, and then following that with the final book released in a trilogy, everything seems to be pale in comparison.  I am reading two books now, both very good in their own right, yet neither inspiring the adrenaline that makes me continue to think about them even when I am not reading.

Much of my reading I do in the in-between times.  You know, waiting at School pick-ups or kid activities.   The last couple of weeks, I have invested those times in listening to podcasts.  We absolutely loved our Serial experience during our drive across country at Thanksgiving, and had begun searching other great content to listen to.  Fortunately, there is a lot of inspiration in this realm and a group of ladies whom I adore are listening to different ones as we try to envision great things for our collective future.

Interestingly, I have found a sort of inner peace in listening and learning from podcasts as I do when engaged in a great book.  I am an information and story junkie, and spend much of my drive time listening to programing on WPR, much of which is comprised of shows that I love.  There is also enough content to keep me up to date on news and politics, both local and national, and I realized that much of it makes me sad, angry or frustrated.  Without it, I can immerse myself in a podcast and find a sort of suspension.

Time is suspended.  I came up through the theatre, and am enough of a kid that I believe in magic. To willingly suspend disbelief is something that I treasure about myself.  So whether it be fantasy, mystery, true life storytelling, or the reflections on starting something new, I immerse myself, learn from it, and in this format, thoroughly enjoy it, as a great book.  

My friend Julie  wrote a great post on what she is listening to.  Have you heard of This American Life, Moth or Serial??  If not.....run, don't walk and introduce yourself!  I am also loving Startup, Invisibilla, Criminal,  Benjamen Walkers the Theory of Everything, and am just starting The Dinner Party. What are you listening to?

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